Posted 03.14.22


In our new artist series, we proudly feature the incredible artwork of Tin Cat Studio!

Tin Cat Studio is comprised of Husband/Wife artist team Randy and Lisa Lee; partners in art, in life, and business. They live amongst the corn and hayfields outside of Luck, WI; along with 7 cats, 5 dogs, and an occasional bypassing chipmunk. Together they run their multifaceted art business & enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. When they are not chasing down a sky filled with puffy, white clouds; you can more than likely find them on a gravel road photographing the rural landscape or the simplicity of the weeds growing along the edges of fields.

Randy ‘s photographic interests include old barns, trees, crows and many natural abstractions which are found throughout their body of work. Randy is the mastermind behind the custom frames that make up most of their inventory. He is on the ever constant look out for materials that can be used to make these pieces of art unique.

Lisa captures nature’s beauty through Macro photography; finding the tiny, little details in the world around us is fascinating and a source of joy. Tiny flowers poking out of the grass, raindrops hanging from pine needles, hoar frost hanging tightly to a thistle; all great beauty found within a tiny little space. She also does all the encaustic work on their unique wax pieces.

Their impressionist style encaustic photography combined with the dreamy and textural effects of encaustic wax and custom frames create one-of-a-kind statement art pieces. By using reclaimed wood, metals and found objects each frame is handmade and crafted to complement and enhance the image rather than simply frame it.

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